Shylowen Rescue 3Last month, Gillivervet Ltd was called to attend an emergency situation. A 23 year old Thoroughbred, called Moose, had fallen into a ditch at Shylowen Horse Sanctuary in Thornton, Liverpool. Our vet Mhairi was nearby and quickly rushed to assist the rescue, along with the local fire brigade.

On arrival, Moose was lying quietly in the four foot deep ditch in freezing cold water. A clinical exam revealed that although cold and distressed, Moose was not in any immediate danger, however his hind legs seemed to be too weak to allow Moose to be able to stand up fully himself. Two injections of strong anti-inflammatory and painkiller were injected into Moose’s jugular vein to alleviate any discomfort and in the hope of giving him back the strength in his legs to be able to stand up. Unfortunately as time went on it became apparent that Moose would require assistance from the fire brigade.

Shylowen Rescue 4The fire fighters quickly and efficiently placed harnesses and ropes round Moose and attached these to a machine which allowed him to be slowly and gently pulled to safety.

Thanks to everyone’s efforts including all the staff from the Sanctuary, Moose was pulled to safety. Another examination revealed that although Moose was a bit bruised and very muddy, he would be none the worse for his experience!


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