All across the country, Opening Meets are iminent as Autumn hunting is in full swing to give us a taste of the season ahead.

The Vale of Lune Harriers and the Three Counties Bloodhounds is our local hunt and their meets are always a fantastic days hunting.

hunting event

The Vale of Lune Hunt also hold various events throughout the year and make everyone welcome.  If you would like further information, go to their website

New members are welcomed and what better way to spend the day than with your horse and friends in beautiful countryside, watching the hounds work.

You don’t have to jump if you don’t want to as there are always hunt members to help you to find a way round.

If you would like to go hunting, please make sure that you are “up to speed” with safety, turnout and good manners as hunting is opposed by many so it is crucial that standards and rules are followed.  See our section on Hunting Etiquette and if you need any further information, contact the Secretary.